Dog Chinese Paper Cutting
Dog Chinese Paper Cutting
Dog Chinese Paper Cutting

Dog Chinese Paper Cutting


  • Number:  J045

  • Material:   Paper

  • Process:   Manual

  • Original:  Copyright

  • Size:        11x11cm

  •               40x40cm


Product details

The name of this paper cutting piece is "dog." This is a typical example of the animals in the paper-cut in northern Shaanxi. The animals in the works are dogs, which is the most common domestic pet in northern Shaanxi.

Chinese paper cutting has a history of more than 2,000 years. As a pure hand-made artwork, it reflects the everyday life and hopes of the local people and is one of the most abundant forms of art in Chinese folk history and culture. In 2009, it was listed as "world-class Intangible Cultural Heritage" by the United Nations. With the development of China's "The Belt and Road", China's paper-cutting industry will also show more and more its unique charm in art and cultural world art.

This Chinese paper cutting painting was designed by Guo Ru-lin, a famous master of arts and crafts in Shaanxi Province. He is hand-made from the successors of the World Intangible Cultural Heritage, which has decades of experience in production. The raw materials used are environmentally friendly materials and the works can be used for culture Exhibition, home decoration, office decoration, school decoration, hotel decoration, holiday gifts and other purposes.

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