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The story in Chinese paper cutting works "The Yellow Earth Family"

Mar. 12, 2018

J009's Chinese paper cutting works are entitled "The Yellow Earth Family."

The name of this paper cutting work is "The Yellow Earth Family." The works tell the daily life stories of the northern Shaanxi nationalities. The works can be seen in the hero's work and the heroine at home to take care of the children's life.

This artwork is the work of Chinese paper cutting master Guo Rulin. Guo Rulin is currently Vice Chairman of the China International Paper cutting Association and has a high reputation in the field of Chinese paper cutting art.

Hand-made paper cutting has a history of more than 2,000 years. As a pure hand-made art, it reflects the daily life and hopes of the local people. It is one of the richest art forms of Chinese folk history and culture. In 2009, it was listed as a "World Class Intangible Cultural Heritage" by the United Nations. With the development of China's "Belt and Road Initiative," Chinese paper cutting will also increasingly show its unique charm in world arts and cultural art.

Hand-made paper cutting

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