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Why do we post paper cutting on the Spring Festival?

Mar. 05, 2018

During the Spring Festival, it is time for Chinese New Year 2018 paper cutting exhibition. Various forms of folk paper cutting will be seen, such as the door god, door paper, window grilles, hanging paper, wall flowers, ceiling flowers, flowers, gifts, flowers, embroidery, Live, travel, use, music, decorative environment, beautify life, the desire to show good luck.

In the traditional Chinese New Year folk paper cutting, the common theme patterns are chicken, tiger, lion, deer, horse, cow, Sheep, dog, mouse, monkey, pig, dragon, phoenix, fish, swallow, magpie, crane, frog, pine, gourd, lotus, peony and so on. Some of them alone, some of the performance of the combination, have expressed a certain auspicious meaning, which is the pursuit of happiness, Paul, Jubilee, wealth concept.

The year of 2018 is the dog year. Dogs are good partners of humanity and common prosperity. People root it Call it to play a beautiful name called "Want Want", and it is symbolized as the incarnation of thriving personnel, pinned on the pray for "happiness, luck, life, happiness, wealth," the good wishes. In ancient times, dogs were considered "animal", "golden beast", "jade dog." The first day of the first month is the dog day, the day, people must sacrifice to the god of the dog, not allowed to kill the dog, eat dog meat. Legend has it that the epoch-making Pangu is a dragon dog, a human being's totem god, protecting the peace and happiness of future generations. In the first month, folk think, dog is a housekeeper, town house, evil spirits, the Lord's god.

Some paper cutting works on the subject of "dog" inherit the dog Chinese paper cutting techniques and combine the modern aesthetic awareness with the modeling methods and expressions such as conciseness, exaggeration, splitting, overlapping, setting, adding, decoration, anthropomorphic, symbolic, Shaped the inner image, expressed the praise of the dog's nature and the good wishes for the prosperity of the dog year, which embodied the profound cultural connotation.

dog Chinese paper cutting

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