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Can You Read the Language of Paper Cutting?

Nov. 05, 2018

As an ancient farming nation, the tradition of paper cutting such as Fun In It Chinese Paper Cutting has been passed down from ancient times to today. As a form of living culture, paper cutting such as Hand-Made Paper Cutting is not only associated with folk customs and life, but also a means of artistic expression. When presenting the theme of real life, the paper cutting in different regions also reflects the visual psychological foundation that the creators have, such as the self-centered view on space orientation. The pursuit of psychological truth in the representation of physical images; The four dimensions of space and time expression on the plot narrative; Things I united, things and things exchange of the childish ways of expression. All these factors are revealed in the paper-cut works of realistic themes, which forms the language of paper cutting such as Happiness Chinese Paper Cutting.

Hi On The Branches Chinese Paper Cutting

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