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Classification of Chinese Paper Cutting

Oct. 26, 2018

Traditional Chinese paper cutting such as Chinese Paper Cutting Decoration is generally divided into the following types:

Child Chinese Paper Cutting

1, a paper-cut

A paper cut for decoration on a window. To the north for the general, north rural Windows are mostly wooden lattice Windows, vertical grid, grid or with geometric patterns, the top of a pasted white "paper", the festival to replace the paper and affixed new window, to show the New Year. The Beautiful Chinese Paper Cutting is pleasant

2, like flower

It is to cut paper to place line to wait for daily articles of daily use such as tea service, soap box, face basin commonly, have stick on dresser lens. Happy flower pattern theme is to emphasize good luck, cheerful implication. The color is bright red.

3, fireworks

A paper cut attached to cakes, noodles, eggs, etc. There are turtle - shaped cakes and turtle - shaped paper - cut.

4, shoes flower

A paper cut used as the base of an embroidered cloth shoe upper. Some shoe flower is cut in local and not hollow out, this calls "dark knife", it is embroider when the basis that sets needle to change color.

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