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Why Do You Want to Introduce Folk Paper-Cut Artists Into the Classroom?

Nov. 29, 2018

But do you know? These traditional folk art, which is passed down as a way of inheritance, is facing the confusion of inheritance and development.

In our primary school art teaching, in addition to the paper-cutting techniques involved in art textbooks, students can learn little about other paper-cutting such as Butterfly Chinese Paper Cutting and art culture developments. This is very unfavorable for our students to inherit and promote folk art. Because they have little contact, they do not understand the rich cultural heritage of the nation, and they do not realize the value of these cultural heritages. Of course, this is true in the classroom, and it will not be taken seriously in life. It is the existence of these problems that led Wu to have a strong desire to study how to introduce folk artists such as Chinese Paper Cutting Decoration into the primary school art classroom teaching activities.

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