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Can the Paper-Cut Carrier Be Paper Only?

Nov. 19, 2018

Paper-cutting such as Back To Her Home Cloth Stacking Painting is the use of scissors to cut paper into various patterns, such as window grilles, sills, wallflowers, ceiling flowers, and lanterns. Paper-cutting suh as Battle Of God Cloth Stacking Painting is a traditional folk craft that has a long history in China and is a treasure of folk art.

The paper-cutting carrier is very wide, and it can be paper, gold and silver foil, bark, leaves, cloth, leather, leather and other sheet-like materials. Its shape is simple, lively and interesting, and it is closely connected with the festival customs. The color is mostly red, giving People feel very happy; it is true that Beautiful Chinese Paper Cutting is a folk art, but when we open the back of the paper-cut, we can see the elegance and exquisiteness of folk culture.

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